Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Story

You know the one thing I pride myself on in Network Marketing is being honest and loyal. So here is my story...
I have been involved in the Home Based Business industry for 8 years. Which is still a baby to the industry. One thing I have found out though is that I was very good with people and meant to Help Others. I never had interest in following in my mothers footsteps to become a nurse, I just couldn't see myself helping others in that way even though I admired her so much for what she did. I had an uncle that was a college professor and had everything, so of course it seemed he was always very happy with his career. One day he told me that if he had it to do over again that he would have owned his own business. That hit home to me. Needless to say I was an Office Manager/ Wedding Coordinator and doing what I thought was good (financially) at the time. I was having my second child and couldn't go back to work for months due to a back injury. We were going broke, my husband works for the Sheriffs Dept. and of course does not get paid what he is worth, but loves the job. Here I was at 28 years old overweight, broke to the point of feeding the family macaroni & cheese, lost my home and not happy with where life was taking us. So what to do?? Well I found an ad in the newspaper for a weight loss product provided by a Network Marketing company and jumped on the product solely as a customer. I began to tell a few people about the product I was using and before I knew it everyone wanted to try it. I started to make a decent income of a couple hundred a week in retail. Then after 2 years of doing business in this company I learned what residual income was.
Wow!! over the next 3 years made over a million dollars!!! We built the business 7,000 + strong...We were loving life, going on major vacations, buying new furniture, anything the kids wanted etc..... Till one day this great company decided to change the ingredient in the product and the comp plan. Oh Me what a shock that was, I lost over 500 distributors in less than 4 months. So in that 5-6 year period I got a taste of the great and bad of Networking....
But one thing I knew in my heart is that I didn't want to be labeled one of those Networkers that bounce on the next best thing as I saw one of my mentors doing. Looked like a fish out of water and I didn't want a thing to do with it. I believe that in this industry you can't be passionate, loyal and honest about multiple things at one time. I did know that I surely didn't want to go back to a JOB and make someone else rich. Also my passion became watching other people achieve great things with our teams help.
I did some sole searching and found a company that is when they say The Best In The Industry was so true. Even though I had been introduced to it by the Bouncing Mentor, it just felt good. The President of the company called me and just wanted to know who I was and to tell me who he was. What a shock this was considering after busting my rump for years with my first company in Networking I only talked to the President/ staff at conventions. So I knew it then that this was what I was looking for. I flew to the home office for a Millionaire boot camp, sat around a conference table watched as business owners, truck drivers, laborers, stay at home moms that had disabled children, preachers, nurses and etc.. layed all their set backs out on the table. It was the most real and emotional thing I had ever seen. Then we used the next day to help each other get on track and put our heads together to take this company to a billion dollar company. That was 6 months ago and we have grown 210% since then. I have made more money in the first 3 months with VitaMist then I did in the first years of my first Networking company. Talk about an accomplishment!!!!
Your wondering why the life story.... Well I believe this industry is here to help us all accomplish what people say can't be done. Helping 80% of the people in this business succeed instead of the 20% who do in Corporate America and then most just to lose it all. So when I say in the subject line LEADERS ONLY that is what we mean. We are at a serious situation in America and its time to shout it from the roof tops that there is a better way for the average and an extraordinary way for the over achiever (Leader). If your the person that would want to team up with a real group of people and spread the word of a better life both financially and physically, then you'll get all this that you have read. If your not then best of luck to you keep on looking for that right thing that will make you your next million.
Leadership starts with attitude: I have the goods- a 27 year old company, best of the best in products, we are in the Medical Physicians Desk Reference, all products are Pharmaceutical grade, Made in the USA and the biggest pay out in the industry. So what we need now are a few good partners. LEADERS ONLY
If you are a true Leader then what we will have to do is work fast and hard. As I watch the upstanding Americans that live around me losing everything, it really puts Helping Others into perspective. So we are looking for partners to add to this team that can accomplish this task of showing Americans a better way of life. If you find interest in me,my story, VitaMist or just looking for a true place to call home then I would like to speak with you. Please note I am not interested in looking at any other company so don't try to use this true to the facts letter as a way to call on me and show me your plan. I can promise you that there is no other like VitaMist.
The President of VitaMist will be in Dayton, Ohio and in Memphis, Tn. April 2010. This will be your opportunity to see what I have discovered for yourself. Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you.
Mandy - 501-691-0890

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why Doctors Love Spray Vitamins?

Doctors Love Spray Vitamins: for many reasons but just to name a few
Convenience, Efficiency, Safety.... Not only do they love the products themselves ranging from a wide variety that can be seen at Doctors find that this product is helping everyone with their healthier lifestyle goals and especially their financial ones.

How would you like a team of doctors referring patients to your product right out of their own PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)?